Hand-Painted Thermos Glass Double-Layered

Hey there! :-)
Today I would like to show you my new project – Hand-Painted Thermos Glass Double-Layered with Heart-Shaped Inside.

This is how the glass looks like, when there is a tea inside. It’ so cute, isn’t it! ;-)

Hand-Painted Thermos Glass picture 8

And here are some shots of the glass after I painted it:

Hand-Painted Thermos Glass pictutre 1

Hand-Painted Glass pictutre 3

Hand-Painted Glass pictutre 7

Hand-Painted Glass pictutre 6

Here are the products I used in this project:
Feelino Celissimo Thermos Glass Double-Layer with Heart-Shaped Inside
Marabu Porcelain Paint
Marabu Relief Paste

Thank you for stopping by today!

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